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I love questions (:

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I’m soooo sooorrryyyy my 756 beauties 😘 I have a new blog I’m trying to set up and I’ve been ignoring you all! I’ll try to be more active, I appreciate all the messages I got in my absence
To answer a few,
Yes I dumped my asshole boyfriend
Yes I have a thing with a new guy
It’s kindve a friends with benefits situation right now and it’s super fun
I’m waiting til like September for it to even have a chance to be official
Thank you all for your patience *kiss kiss*

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I just miss my friend a lot

Feeling this real bad right now

For those of you who are new here, Esther Earl was a nerdfighter who inspired much of The Fault in Our Stars and many projects in nerdfighteria, including Esther Day. Esther’s story, This Star Won’t Go Out, was published this year.

Esther’s family started a foundation in her honor, also called This Star Won’t Go Out, that provides direct financial support to families of children with cancer so that they can pay for gas and hotel stays and lost work and other costs associated with caring for sick children. The Earls are wonderful people who do great work, and you can donate to TSWGO here.

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